Caring for our skin in the sun

As summer approaches, men and women of the world excitedly bear all the skin that was wrapped away over winter. While we don’t always want to admit it, many of us have, at one point or another, dismissed summer skincare to be as simple as a good lathering of SPF first thing in the morning. Job done, right?

Of course not. So what’s the best action to take against skin damage and other unnecessary unpleasantries derived from the sun’s rays? First, there’s preventative skincare.

Ensuring that our skin is hydrated and nourished from the inside out is a vital way of ensuring that we don’t lose all the moisture in our skin as soon as we step into the sun. Drinking plenty of water before you go outside will help to prepare your skin before it sweats, and you should also consider eating foods rich in water, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and strawberries. Furthermore, in order for the cells in our skin to retain water, we require a diverse range of minerals. This can be supported through supplementation. Cellnutrition Hypertonic contains the full spectrum of 78 minerals and trace elements which work together in the body to optimise hydration.

Applying a generous factor of sun cream is also a necessity, and you may fall into the trap of believing that you need a lower SPF than you actually do. Don’t be afraid of the factor 50, and make sure you pay particular attention to your face.

Once you’re basking in the rays, maintenance is key. Keeping a bottle of water with you at all times is paramount, and you must make sure you top up with sun cream regularly - every two hours - without missing any spots such as the back of the ears and your feet.

Now, no matter how rigorously we followed the above advice, it’s not unlikely that we can come home after a long day in the sun to find that we feel a little faint, and, alas, we have burned.

Red skinned or not, it’s time for aftercare. What can be a serious cause of fatigue and pain after prolonged sun exposure is dehydration - and this doesn’t simply mean a loss of water in the body. Minerals, too, are lost through perspiration. The sun can also trigger other recurring skin conditions - such as cold sores - into flaring up.

Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo Spray is provided to tackle these very effects. It is a non-greasy, 100% natural solution providing immediate relief from the physical symptoms of skin dehydration, while also working at a deeper level to revitalise the cells with the full spectrum of minerals. Spray it on any problem area - whether that be your face, scalp or any other part of your body - without adding unnecessary oils to the skin’s surface. Dermo Spray oxygenates by spraying and mechanically rubs and stimulates the skin by kinetic action. It causes a dermal / water energy exchange, bringing the tissues back to a state of equilibrium. By its mineral identity with the body, Dermo Spray is the only natural nebulizer that can provide effective therapeutic support to these skin conditions.

Our innovative range of 100% natural products, focussed on supporting your wellbeing from within, will provide the optimal foundation, which combined with a healthy lifestyle will allow you to live your life to the max.