Sugar cravings are something that many people struggle with. Cravings arise for many reasons, they can occur when you reduce your food intake, increase your exercise, after a poor night’s sleep or if you’re just simply having a stressful day.

There are several studies that when we reduce our food intake, we ultimately reduce the consumption of nutrients, including minerals and trace elements. Quinton contains 78 minerals and trace elements and therefore helps rebalance the body with the correct mineral balance so that cravings are reduced.  

However,  there is no quick fix we need to treat the whole body. Eating the correct food will also help with cravings. Protein is a key nutrient, required by the body that can help combat cravings. A study looked at two different groups of people, and suggested those who consumed a protein rich breakfast in comparison to a low protein breakfast, consumed less total calories throughout the day because they were more satisfied from their breakfast.

Why not try a protein rich breakfasts such as eggs with toast and veg, shakshuka, an omelette, protein pancakes (1 egg, 1 banana, 3 tbsp oats), a smoothie/ smoothie bowl, porridge with nuts or nut butter, chia seed pudding or smoked salmon on toast with spinach.

No supplement will replace a food group however it is important to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to feel nourished and keep you energised throughout the day.


Poached eggs and avocado on toast  


1 slice of rye toast

½ mashed avocado

2 eggs

Chilli flakes

Cracked  black pepper