Father’s Day for Active Dads

June has just begun, the sun is making more of an appearance, and Father's Day is just around the corner. Now for the problem that has us all as perplexed as each other: what can I get for my dad this year that he hasn’t already got?

When it comes to picking your dad a present, it can be difficult to know what he wants or even needs. Often a ‘dad present’ will consist of a pair of socks, a bottle of whisky or a box of chocolates - that you’ll end up eating. The best way to approach Father’s Day may instead be to focus on the hobbies that your dad enjoys, and perhaps how you can enjoy it together as a family. If your dad is interested in sports, the outdoors or being on the move, then this can be a great avenue to go down when it comes to presents, too.

Ok, so maybe your father has accumulated enough golf memorabilia over the years to cover every pun there is. Or perhaps he’s ran out of space in his wardrobe for yet another football shirt. Rather than the last minute novelty gifts, consider getting your dad something that he can really use; something that will contribute towards not only his health, but his performance and recovery after physical activity.

Totum Sport is a unique sports supplement containing 78 electrolytes for sustained focus and stamina, enhanced recovery, and complete hydration. It is 100% natural and can be taken before, during and after physical activity to make exercise and recovery far easier. Totum Sport is ideal for reducing and even eliminating post-workout cramps, making it the ideal gift for a dad who enjoys playing five-a-side with his mates, going on hikes or taking cycling trips.

This Father’s Day, why not take your dad out for a day trip and give him a box of Totum Sport, so that he can take care of his health and enjoy the activities that he loves, for longer. Use discount code FathersDay15 for 15% off all orders before midnight on www.totumsport.com.