How to Have Great Skin in Winter

February is the coldest month in the UK, meaning that we need to stay more hydrated than ever to ensure that our skin, eyes, and hair remain healthy and moisturised. It’s no revelation that hand creams and chapstick can provide some relief during the winter, but there may be many things that we don’t already know about getting the most out of moisture. With the worldwide skincare, beauty and cosmetics industry predicted to be worth more than $675 billion by 2020, the world is being sold a million new miracle solutions to dry skin every day. But what many don’t hear about is how by taking care of our bodies from within, first and foremost, we can prevent the need to turn to cosmetic remedies as a last resort.

Everyone knows that we need to drink more water to combat dryness, however it may not always feel obvious. That’s because in winter, as opposed to summer, we aren’t sweating as much, and our bodies are far less likely to feel thirsty. Therefore it’s essential that we remember to drink plenty of fluids, even when we don’t necessarily feel like it. This can be achieved by using handy reminders, such as using a drinking bottle with measurements, or logging our drinking habits into an app such as myfitnesspal.

Another essential way to hydrate our bodies from the inside out is by consuming a variety of minerals, which support our bodies at a cellular level. Caring for our cells is vital because groups of cells make our tissues, tissues make organs, and our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Minerals, therefore, hold the key to moisturised winter skin.

Magnesium, to be specific, improves skin hydration and strengthens the skin’s water barrier, helping our bodies to retain moisture. As all 78 minerals and trace elements work in synergy, every mineral is required by our cells for the skin to receive the full benefits. Incorporating proper mineral consumption into our daily routine can lead to great skin, even in harsh climates.

The only place where we can find these elements in the perfect proportions is beneath plankton blooms in specific parts of our oceans. Cellutrition isotonic contains all of the minerals the body needs in one handy ampoule, which can be taken twice daily to ensure that all liquids consumed are optimised by the cells. Snap and drink one ampoule, twice daily, while drinking plenty of fluids for a glow that can combat any matter of climates all year round.

The skin on our face is most susceptible to drying out when it is exposed to sub-zero winds. For quick daily relief, we may want to consider using a hydrating facial spray with plenty minerals. Cellnutrition Dermo Spray contains 78 minerals and trace elements, nourishing specific areas of the skin that may feel particularly dry. In winter, when broken skin is more common, the solution is perfect for easing cuts and sores.