School's out! Keep your kids healthy during the holidays

The summer holidays are often filled with days out, events, adventures and food. 

Although we want them to relax and enjoy themselves, whilst our little ones are out of school it is important to try and not let their health slip to prevent them from getting sick. 

Our nutritionist Marie shares 3 tips for keeping your kids healthy during the holidays.

  • Plan activities outdoors

  • This is a great way to bond with your children and keep them active at the same time. Plan a bike ride or go for a walk and a picnic in the park.


    Keeping active provides a range of health benefits, supporting immunity and reducing the risk of unwanted weight gain. 


  • Make sure they get enough sleep

  • School helps your kids to stick to a routine, going to bed early and waking up early. 

    Over the holidays, it’s important that they still get plenty of sleep, whether that means sticking to their bed time or having some extra time in bed in the morning. 

    Lack of sleep can leave them feeling tired; impacting their health, energy levels and mood. 

    Cellnutrition Isotonic is suitable for kids of all ages and can help them relax and unwind in the evenings.

  • Stock up on healthy snacks

  • Whether you’re out and about or binge watching cartoons, hunger can often set in, leading to sugar cravings and increased consumption of confectionery and soft drinks. 

    To prevent your children from eating excess amounts of junk food and sugar over the holidays, it is helpful to keep some healthy snacks in the kitchen, such as fresh or frozen fruit, nuts, and hummus with veg sticks. 

    Cooking, baking or making smoothies with your kids is a good way to spend time with them and teach them about food in the process. 

    Smoothies are a great way to refuel throughout the day, sneaking in some extra veg and providing them with nutrients to support their energy levels and their heath.

    Omegabiocell369 is the perfect addition to your kids’ smoothies, providing 100% plant preparations of ultra pure Omega 3,6 and 9 and health boosting vitamins.

    Omega 3,6 and 9 plus Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and lemon flavour.

  • Supports growth and development
  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Supports immunity

  • Omegabiocell369 KIDs contains a mixture of flaxseed, borage, evening primrose and blackcurrant oil. This provides the highest concentration of Omega 3,6 and 9.

    green smoothie


    ½  cup of frozen blueberries

    Handful of spinach

    1 whole peeled banana

    2.5ml Omegabiocell369 kids 

    1 tsp honey

    1 cup of hazelnut or oat milk

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