Stay on top of your health on holiday

Planning a holiday this summer?

Whether it’s a city break or a 2 week getaway we know how easy it is to relax, fall out of routine, skip your workouts and indulge on the delicious food. Every now and then that is exactly what we need.

As a nutritionist I am sharing some of my own personal tips that I use on holiday to help you stay on top of your health whilst enjoying your holiday without restrictions or feelings of guilt.

The next time you travel, you can continue to feel good from the inside out wherever you go.

  • Enjoy new foods:
  • One of the best things about travel is getting to experiment and taste new foods. Before you go have a look at what sort of food will be available to you so you know what your options are. Looking at the reviews of cafes and restaurants, and choosing some good food spots before you go is also a great addition to your travel plans.

  • Stay hydrated:
  • Whilst sipping cocktails and soft drinks all day is tempting- these drinks are often laden with sugar and calories.

    It is important to ensure you consume water frequently throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, especially in hotter climates. Cellnutrition Quinton provides 78 minerals and trace elements, helping your cells to hold on to water. Taking one ampoule of hypertonic in the morning is a great way to refresh and energise, or one ampoule of isotonic in the evening after a long day of sunbathing, when your body needs it most, can help you feel refreshed.


  • Choose a healthy breakfast:
  • Bed and breakfast is often a handy option and saves you having to find a new cafe every morning - however what you choose can impact how you feel. Opting for an omelette and some fresh fruit as opposed to having high sugary cereals and refined carbohydrates is a great way to consume a range of nutrients that provide you with sustained energy, and will also keep you fuller for longer.

  • Make time to move:
  • Being on holiday can often include a busy schedule, but setting aside some time each day to move your body can be really beneficial. This doesn’t have to be an intense or long workout, it could be as simple as jogging round a park or going for a swim.

    Choosing to walk to a destination instead of always taking a taxi or taking the stairs when possible is also a great way to stay active if your feel like you want to move more. Choose what works for you and change it up when you can.