Staying fit during Winter


We know how hard it is to stay motivated- keep up with the gym routine and drag yourself out for the Saturday park run, especially when the temperature drops! 

For most of us, the run-up to Christmas tends to be a season of excesses where we make poorer food choices, consume more alcohol and often feel added stress. 

This can easily lead to us leaving exercise behind as the idea of being by the fire or meeting for a hot chocolate or some mulled wine can often be more tempting..But exercising all year round is important; it’s just as important in winter as it is in summer.

Here are 5 reasons why exercise is important, even when it’s cold:

You naturally warm-up;

Exercise helps to get your blood flowing, raising your core body temperature. If you are exercising outside it is best to layer up to ensure you can make the most of it. Being in nature also is known to have an additional, beneficial effect on your mood. The cooler temperature often increases the risk of muscle cramp and injury. Totum Sport is a natural sports supplement that provides all 78 electrolytes, aiding hydration at the cellular level. Taking one sachet 15 minutes before exercise supports cushioning and fluidity of your joints, combating the increased risk of muscle pain and injury during exercise. 


Warm Up


Helps your waistline;

Comfort food and nights in are always a great option when the nights get darker and colder. Balancing this out with exercise can prevent you from putting on unwanted weight that you will end up worrying about a few months down the line. But the change in seasons can often take its toll on your energy. Totum Sport provides all the electrolytes which are needed for energy metabolism. Taking one sachet 15 minutes before you exercise can make that decision to put your trainers on that little bit easier, and help you to keep pushing until the end of your workout. The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do.


Waist line


Aids Immunity;

Moderate exercise helps to support your immune system and can, therefore, be beneficial to combat the virus’ lurking in the office. During the colder months, there is often a higher prevalence of colds and flu. Incorporating Totum Sport into your exercise routine provides essential elements that support your cells, further helping you to combat and stave off Winter illness and infections.




Helps release stress;

Exercise releases the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. It can, therefore, help to release stress, especially after a long day at work. Exercise can also boost your confidence and help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This can have a beneficial effect on workplace performance. 


Stress at work


The benefits of exercise for performance at work is also related to the range of cognitive benefits. This includes faster learning, improved concentration and prolonged mental stamina.


A study carried out by Leeds Metropolitan University showed that employees who went to the gym reported being more productive, having better interactions with colleagues and improved time management these days.

Whilst exercise can have many benefits, your body must be healthy and able to perform and recover properly to ensure you get the most of your exercise. Without giving your body all 78 electrolytes, complete hydration at the cellular level cannot be achieved. This impacts energy, muscle soreness, stamina and strength. Other electrolyte supplements contain the main four or five electrolytes and often cause cramp due to unwanted ingredients including sugar, preservatives and additives. 

With energy levels running low and being one of the most common barriers for exercise on colder nights- Totum Sport is your solution.


Totum Sport


Totum Sport is the only 100% natural and complete electrolyte sports supplement. It contains the full spectrum of 78 electrolytes and in the correct proportions for each one to be absorbed and to work effectively. Totum Sport maximises hydration as it enables your cells to hold on to water consumed so it has more of a physiological effect. As the only electrolyte supplement to contain all 78 electrolytes and in a bioavailable form Totum Sport gives you an extra edge, enabling you to perform and recover at your best;

  • Eradicates cramp
  • Enhances strength and stamina
  • Sustains focus
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and muscle injury
  • Proven to reduce lactic acid build-up by 46%

Hydration is not only beneficial for exercise but also after exercise to help replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat, preventing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and optimising recovery. 

The next time you think you have no time to exercise, consider the beneficial cognitive effects, supporting productivity and efficiency at work. Making Totum Sport part of your exercise routine makes it a lot easier with better results, quicker recovery and faster progression