So how does Quinton benefit your skin and hair?

Our customers have noticed significant improvements in their hair, nails and skin since taking Quinton daily.


As Quinton is a 100% natural, mineral supplement, it provides the skin cells with the full complement of minerals and trace elements in a bioavailable form. As the skin requires constant homeostasis for hydration, by providing the body with minerals and trace elements, the skin cells are able to hold on to water better, aiding hydration. This is beneficial to combat skin issues and maintain healthy skin.

There are many factors that can impact your skin health;

  • Stress can increase inflammation in the body causing breakouts in the skin to occur. These skin breakouts may also cause depression due to specific inflammatory responses that occur in the skin also being related to mental health. Stress can reduce the amount of nutrients in the body as poor food choices may be made and stress can reduce the absorption of nutrients in the gut.
  • If you suffer from psoriasis may also notice their symptoms worsen with stress. This is because it is suggested that stress and the symptoms of psoriasis go hand in hand.


Feeling that your hair is breaking easily, prone to falling out or looking dull?

By making good choices and fuelling your body correctly with can impact on your hair growth and shine.

Quinton provides a natural balance of electrolytes, restoring hydration in the body and scalp. This can aid defence against environmental stress factors that could be triggering your hair loss.  The hair cells require loads of key nutrients including iron and copper. By providing all 78 minerals and trace elements each required nutrient can work optimally as minerals rely on each other to be absorbed and work effectively.

Maeve Madden has suffered with hair thinning due to her PCOS but since changing her diet and with the help of taking Quinton Hypertonic daily she has noticed a significant difference in her hair. Our customers also reported strengthen nails and noticeable hair growth.