What are the new trends in the world of health foods?

The landscape of the health food and supplements are constantly changing, with a new craze sweeping the nation seemingly every other day. Due to the increasing climate discussion, we are seeing this environmentally-conscious mindset reflected in the food consumers are choosing. What's causing a stir right now is largely centred on three main areas:


Natural and Organic

Consumer demands for natural products are increasing. This includes organic, non-GMO foods and even raw foods made with only natural, unrefined ingredients. This may in part be due to circulating information about the popularity of pesticides, and the increased demands for healthy food on the go. The rise in healthy, natural food bars such as The Naked Deli, for example, have sky-rocketed.

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Free From

Free-from and allergen free products are also on the rise with a plethora of veganism and gluten-free options now available in almost every food establishment. Many people are also more conscious of their nutrient intake, choosing to supplement rather than consume meat and dairy products.



Sustainability is also a factor that many consumers are starting to consider; where products are from, how they’re produced and if the packaging is recyclable.

Sea plants are one of the newest food trends in 2019 with seaweed, marine plankton and algae being widely recognised for their health benefits and sustainability.

At Cellnutrition we are at the forefront with our unique mineral supplement, Cellnutrition Quinton, which is harvested 30M below rich plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean. All Cellnutrition Quinton products provide 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements, packaged in 10ml, recyclable glass ampoules, which are easy to carry in your handbag or when travelling. 

Cellnutrition Quinton - The Mineral Lowdown

  • Although it tastes salty, each ampoule of Cellnutrition Quinton actually contains less salt than an apple!
  • Each ampoule contains 78 minerals and trace elements and trace amounts of amino acids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids, enhancing cellular nutrition.
  • Each nutrient is present in a fully bioavailable form, so it is easily and naturally absorbed by all your cells.

Cellnutrition Quinton ampoules are used by people of all ages to enhance cellular nutrition and hydration. Enhancing cellular health supports overall health in the body and reduces the risk of illness and disease. 

Cellnutrition Quinton minerals also come in the form of various sprays, including nasal and skin sprays.

Nasal Sprays: Nasal wash with a spray that hydrates the nasal cavity and removes bacteria.

They are specially designed for the prevention and therapeutic management of flues, colds, coughs, allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and rhinosinusitis. 

Unlike other nasal sprays it can be used daily to reduce infections and other complications that occur from the accumulation of different substances in your environment.

Dermo Spray: Hydration is one of the main factors in skin care. Sweating, sun exposure and chlorine, together with high temperatures, can all lead to a loss of moisture. 

Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo spray is prepared with seawater, which acts as a conditioner for the skin and helps to prevent damage from external factors.

Its usage has shown to cause a clear improvement in the mineral balance of the skin after treatment.

Gosálbez “its composition helps skin hydration and cleansing. We have been able to observe that it offers rehydration and re-mineralisation in topical use when it is applied directly on the skin. In addition, we have shown that this mineral imbalance can be corrected with Cellnutrition Quinton”.

Why is Cellnutrition Quinton trending?

  1. Cellnutrition Quinton can be taken daily as a 100% natural mineral supplement to ensure you are consuming all 78 minerals and trace elements your cells need. This supports cellular nutrition and hydration, reducing the risk of deficiency and associated symptoms without unwanted artificial ingredients or calories. 
  2. Isotonic is a gentle, therapeutic solution which has shown to have a calming effect on the body and support digestion and immunity. 
  3. Hypertonic is more rapidly absorbed by the cells, increasing cellular metabolism, naturally supporting energy levels.*


*Zinc is involved in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin. Chromium acts as a modulator for blood sugar levels, and manganese is a cofactor of many enzymes in the metabolism of carbohydrates). Each one of these elements relies on at least 20 other elements to be fully absorbed by your cells. Cellnutrition Quinton provides all 78, ensuring they work effectively in your body!

Cellnutrition Quinton mineral supplements should be taken neat, 15-20 minutes before food for enhanced absorption and metabolism.