Raise Your Vibration with The Ancient Art of Smudging

Under normal circumstances everyone deals with the daily stresses of life. During a pandemic, stress can skyrocket for many; taking a toll on our immune system as well as our mental health. These vibrations linger in our spaces and on our person and can be rectified. Let’s start by clearing the air and cleansing your space of negative vibration.  

In one of his sermons in 1778, John Wesley coined the term Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, the idea is ancient and has been referred to in many spiritual and religious practices. As a holistic minister, I value the concept of cleansing your mind, body, soul and indeed your space. Now more than ever, it is crucial to raise vibration by clearing negative energies in our homes while at the same time cleansing the air we breathe. There are a few ways to do this. 

The Ancient Art of Smudging  

Smudging refers to the burning of dried bundles of Sage such as White Sage and has been a long-standing method for clearing energy around the world through the ages, from Peru to Tribal Indians, throughout Africa and as far afield as Australia. The smoke produced by burning Sage also has antibacterial properties. 

What you will need 

  • A bundle of dried sage;
  • A lighter or box of matches; 
  • A dish to catch the ashes; 
  • A fan of sorts such as a feather to direct the smoke.  

How to Smudge with Burning Sage 

Please remember that there could be a lot of smoke involved in this process. Always open the windows in your home to let the negative energy (and the smoke) out. With most people being home with children, it is not recommended to smudge with any children in the house. If they can spend some time outside (age permitted with adult supervision) this would be a good time to smudge.  

Start with an intention to cleanse and heal your mind, body and home. Repeat this intention aloud or hold it in your mind. Here is an example of an intention: I am lovingly releasing all energy from this sacred space I call home, along with other energies that no longer serve me. I do this for all highest good for myself and my family. 

Light the end of the Sage and walk calmly to every corner of the room - directing the smoke to an area with a fan if you are unable to get there.  Open the windows in each room before exiting to smudge the next room.  This is where the glass bowl comes in handy to place the Sage bundle in and placing on the floor to free up your hands while opening the windows. 

Do this throughout your home. Restate your intention in each room and remember to add a special wish as you see fit for example, for your children to sleep resentfully, to have more focus in your office space or to bring more love into household.

How to Smudge with Sage Essential Oil

Should the thought of smoke bother you, consider using Sage Essential Oil. Diffusing Sage Essential Oil will have the same cleansing affects without the smoke. However, in order to reach every room, you will need to move your home diffuser from room to room.  

Fill diffuser with water and start with 6-8 drops of Sage Essential Oil. Keep this on for 15-30 minutes in each room. I still recommend opening the windows afterwards to release non-serving old energy. Do not forget to set your intentions just as if you were burning dried Sage bundles. 

Palo Santo Smudging 

There is another popular cleansing wood called Palo Santo. This wood is considered holy and revered by many. This wood is not as smoky and has a pleasant woodsy scent. It is just as effective as Sage and is very relaxing to boot. It would be used in the same manner as burning the dried Sage bundles.  

It is worth noting that Palo Santo also comes in an Essential Oil which can be used in the diffuser as mentioned above. It is a great option to boost your mood and help clear your mind. The goal with any of these tools is to help stay in the moment, set a positive mood and feel a sense of calm.  After cleansing your space, you may even want to try to meditate. 

Should any of these items by unattainable, raise vibration with incense - directing the smoke in a similar fashion is a wonderful uplifting ritual to keep us in the present moment of happiness.  


My name is Michelle Farrugia I am a Holistic Minister, Reiki Healer and Health Advocate from Long Island, New York. Now is the time to dig into my holistic “tool box” and find the products and practices that will help to serve others during this unusual time in history. I hope that you find this information helpful and you continue to keep your physical and mental health a priority.  

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