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Carly Gallagher, spent a month in Ko Samui Thailand practicing Yoga and meditating. During one of these days in meditation, she was channeled her vision. A vision to bring together her 3 loves in life with the aim to assist others on their own spiritual journeys. 


A Naturopath for over 20 years, Carly Gallagher focusses on Women's Hormones, Thyroid Disease, Weight Loss and Gut dysfunction.  Coupled with her passion for teaching Yoga, and Food, Inner Alchemy was created in 2017 to bring all three together under one brand.

Carly’s passion for Thyroid and hormonal conditions stems from her own families struggles with Thyroid disease. Her whole family have Thyroid auto-immunity and hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed for many many years. She vowed to help others navigate through this tricky and often mis-understood condition. The three elements of Inner Alchemy (Yoga, Food and Healing) bring together the principles she has used to help her family and her patients and bring joy once again to their lives.

Carly considers herself an Integrative Naturopath focussing on female hormonal health issues, in particular Thyroid disease. She uses natural & medical approaches towards healing with the use of herbs, nutrients, diet along with hormones and other medicines where necessary.

Carly has a unique offering to patients where she dispenses her own natural herbal and nutrient compounds. She also works closely with a number of medical doctors to ensure clients have the best integrative approaches to their health.
The combined service offers patients highly advanced protocols and solutions rarely seen, enabling quicker and longer lasting results and healing.

Check out her web page, here.

We want to bring you different tips and updates from around the world and help pay it forward, we are all in this together, so anyone wanting to find out more about Carly, drop her a message.