Around The World - Melville, New York

My name is Tarriss, 


I live in Melville, New York which is located on Long Island about 28 miles from NYC. Each state operates differently and has different restrictions in place, in the state of NY we are going into our 5th week of lockdown. This past weekend the governor mandated facial masks while in public, or individuals will be facing a fine. All non-essential businesses are closed or operating from home. We are allowed to go to the following places; grocery stores, home depo, liquor stores and doctors' offices. While in a location we must be 6 feet apart and a selected number of people allowed within a certain vicinity. This is creating extremely long lines waiting to enter a store.  Restaurants are delivering food and allowing curbside pick-up, no one can enter their premises. 


I run my wellness firm, ProNutritionRx, which I am currently operating out of my house. The practice focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of youth athletes and their families. I also support Cell Nutrition Direct and Totum Sport in the United States which are part of the CellNutrition brand in the UK & Ireland. 

During this unsettling time, I have had a chance to reflect and believe that for us to move forward when we come out of this pandemic, we will need to foster healthier habits. Part of this will be for us, as a global family, to reflect right now on how this has impacted each one of us. We should be asking ourselves; Are we formulating a plan to develop lasting healthier habits or are we wasting time, waiting for this to blow over?

I predict we will go through a paradigm shift in the health and wellness sector on a global front. This probably will have positive implications for us going forward, hopefully, more studies and research on introspection and analysis of ourselves and less on the negative studies related to health corruption. So, with the positive health aspects in mind, I would like to expand on healing and our health.

We are the masters of our temple's (the body) and what, how, and when we eat is up to us. We can choose to, or not partake in exercise and healing disciplines. In our approach to healing, there are countless qualities and possibilities to consider. We are all desperate for educated guidance and concrete answers. Now is the time to advocate and support those with an open mind to adjust their lifestyle habits. I believe this will conquer the world. 

Over the next few weeks, I look forward to introducing you to my network of practitioners and their healing modalities. A few treatments that have helped me in the past inter alia; Bioenergetic testing, guided breathwork as well as touch manipulation to adjust the parasympathetic nervous. 

My overall goal is to influence the world of health and enable humankind to reach its maximum potential. I invite you to come with me on a journey into the world of self-discovery and self-healing. We all deserve to be 'happy' and at peace and we can achieve this by changing the way energy flows within your body, believing in yourself and most of all loving yourself because you are enough, and you deserve this!

I encourage you to visit a healing conversation, where five multicultural, intergenerational friends share their struggles on emotions and more, during the current pandemic to offer healing and inspiration to each other and their audience.

We created this talk show at this time to have an outlet for people who need to talk, listen and most of all feel safe. It is a great way to capture a nugget that you may need for that next step forward. It is open to all across the world at any time. Just subscribe to the YouTube Chanel, we post once a week.