Around The World - Peru

My name is Lia and I live in Lima, Peru.  

We have been in lockdown since March 16th. The government will be making an announcement later in the week to let the population know if they will be extending the lockdown. 

I hope they do not extend lockdown; however, it is likely they will as Peru does not have the best sanitation practices due to over-crowding. A lot of people live in confined spaces, for example, you could have 6 people living in the same room. In Peru, most people live from hand to mouth.  Given these circumstances, the imposed lockdown is hard to follow; however, some citizens have been following lockdown guidelines despite these precarious conditions. I am grateful to be in a more favourable situation than most. I currently live in a house with 4 animals and one of my daughters. 

My company, Flores Para La Vidas (Flowers of Life), has a contract with the largest shopping centre in Lima and we are responsible for the maintenance of the greenery. Shopping centres have been forced to close due to the government guidelines during the pandemic.

My team and I are only allowed access to the greenery every couple of days. When we do get access, we must operate at half the staff complement to adhere to the social distancing requirements from the government. Due to these circumstances, I have let 4 members of my team go and I have sacrificed my salary in order to ensure that my workers get paid. 

The current situation is dire, and I have no idea what the month of May has in store. For me or my business.  I am managing to remain positive in this dire situation and have found that meditation has been great to release the stress of the situation.  I also post gardening techniques and tips on my social media account. Gardening and working in nature have helped me remain positive during this time period. 

If you would like to see my work, you can visit in Facebook @floresparalavida.lima and Instagram @floresparalavida