Around The World - Sri Lanka

My name is, Ayala, and after living in Toronto, Canada for 4 years, where I learned yoga, I headed to Sri Lanka to start my new adventure. When I arrived in Weligama (a small coastal town) in November, I knew I had found my 'home'. A place where I could share all my knowledge.

When I have some free time, I head to the beach, go out to eat, and check out the local party scene where I enjoy getting to know the locals and tourists.

On March 19, 2020, this all changed as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) commenced. Tourists started returning home, locals began staying at home, and everything went quiet. My life as I had known it had been completely eradicated like many people's across the world.

To avoid succumbing to anxiety and fear, I moved in with the friends I had made during my time in Sri Lanka. My friends and I were introduced to each other through yoga. Because the virus is widespread, we thought it would be a good idea to move in together - all six of us. Now, every day feels like a slumber party. We talk, watch movies, and exercise together.

These days, everything is quiet. Sometimes, you can hear bread sellers and local dogs barking to the beat of garbage trunks and still eeriness. Policemen patrol the streets and punish those who do not heed the words of the government. Every few days the imposed curfew is lifted. For a limited amount of time, the streets become reminiscent of life before the virus.

In the beginning, it was difficult to accept our new reality; however, I have learned to accept this 'new' normal. I feel lucky to be where I am. We have everything we need. I am thankful for that.

While in lockdown, I want to give back to the place that has given me so much. I want to help those who are struggling with the 'new' normal. My friends and I have teamed up with local businesses who were collecting foods and preparing 'goodie' bags with everyday essentials and distributing them to those less fortunate.

Now is the time to take up yoga, come together and realise we are all in this together.

Ayala movement of joy 💜