Around The World - Sweden

My name is Marie, I was born and raised in a little town close to Gothenburg but currently live in Stockholm, with my husband and brother. I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in Dental Surgery; however, my studies have come to a halt. On Tuesday, 17 March 2020, the Minister of Education announced the closure of educational facilities for all students at or above the upper secondary level. Classes are carried out, where possible, online. My brother and I decided to go back to our family home. We thought it would be nice to reunite with the family. Seeing as the situation progressed unfavourably, in Stockholm, we decided to cancel our return ticket. A month later, and we are still waiting for the situation to improve so we can safely return to Stockholm.

We find ourselves filling out the days with Zoom meetings, endless snacking, ping-pong lunch breaks, and baking. Now and then we take the car to go play badminton or head grocery shopping. The weather has been weirdly great, and we have been able to do lots of outdoor activities while being at home. 


Sweden has taken a unique approach to its fight against COVID-19. For example, it has not restricted people’s day-to-day activities and living. The government has, however, made non-mandatory recommendations for people to stay at home, especially those who fall within the high-risk category. Gyms, restaurants, pre-schools and elementary schools are still open, but everyone is taking precautions and sticking to the guidelines.   

Even though we do not have a mandatory quarantinelife has still massively changed. Weddings and birthday parties, which we were due to attend, alongside festivals, concerts and sports events have been canceled. Shops and restaurants have restrictions to avoid crowding and there are signs everywhere reminding people to keep a 2m distance. Friends and families did not gather for the traditional Easter or spring break. These choices have been made by individual people who have chosen to follow the government’s guidelines and recommendations.  We have found that people are adhering to the guidelines. 

The government's goal is not to control the population. It intends to provide the population with the correct information. The government have put complete faith in an individual’s ability to make the right choices when it comes to safety and wellbeing.  

I hope you are staying safe and feeling well.  

Also, don’t forget to floss. 

Love, Marie :)