Around the World - Pietermaritzburg South Africa


Donoven Hammond Gloy hails from Pietermaritzburg in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. After a solid 20-odd year career as a multiple award-winning PR and communications professional gained in South Africa and Europe, he created Rockpaper.


Donoven offers spiritual rehabilitation and intuitive talk therapy and guidance to people and companies. He helps to create, change and manage non-serving patterns authentically by cutting through the clutter, shifting perspective and by striving to build positive core believes, practices and principles; using creative communication techniques and spiritual practices to generate positive narratives and better resonance. 

He is a driven and passionate team player, highly adaptable and personable, combining a sense of fun with a can-do attitude, business savvy and his gift of intuition he offers a holistic and different spiritual overview and gifting you with unique strategies to overcome difficulties.


He is a creative multi-potentialite with a deep understanding of the human condition. When he is not in session with the people and companies he is privileged to call clients, he can be found on horseback feeding his passion for horse riding.