Let’s Rub Noses: Fascinating Facts About Your Nimble Nose

Did you know that plastic surgery involving the nose is called rhinoplasty? And that the Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘perfect nose’ shape sparked a record number of men and women to undergo the procedure in a quest to replicate it? Plastic Surgeons have now named the procedure and look, The Duchess.  

According to Dr Julian De Silva, a Harley Street facial cosmetic surgeon, The Duchess has inspired many people to improve their appearances with cosmetic surgery. “Kate is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but it is her nose that both men and women want to replicate. It defines her beauty and is one of the reasons why rhinoplasty has never been more popular.”   

The learned experts say that The Duchess’ straight-edged nose suits both men and women. Its 106-degree nasal tip rotation makes it almost mathematically perfect. Noses between 104-108 degrees in their orientation are apparently the most beautiful.   

Stop being a nosey parker! We like the fact that you are. Whether you like the look of your snout or snot, we do, from the inside out. To us, you’re perfect just the way you are and we’re here to help you keep your nose in tip-top shape.  

But who is the nosey parker? It’s a term of endearment that’s used to describe people who are very curious and inquisitive. We’re not quite sure who coined the term or where it originated although it is often attributed to Matthew Parker, a 16th-century Archbishop of Canterbury who was notorious for poking his nose into his clergy’s business. 

Let’s get nosey with a few fascinating 'Did You Knows' about your Nose 

Your nasal passageways are lined with mucous membranes that produce mucus. Mucus contains natural medicine produced by your body to keep you healthy. That’s why when you’re ill with a cold or flu, you produce twice as much mucus.

The membranes have hair-like structures on them called Cilia. They trap germs from the air that we breathe in the mucus and move it to the back of the throat to be swallowed into the acidic environment of your belly and not lungs, which helps neutralise the nasties.  

Your nose produces about one litre of mucus a day which you swallow. That’s seven litres a week, almost two gallons! How? Thanks to the Cilia which move in waves by sweeping mucus to the back of the throat every five to eight minutes. Cilia are die-hard warriors and move up to 20 hours after you are officially declared dead. 

Sneak a peek. The colour of your nasal membranes indicate whether you’re healthy or not. What colour is yours, pink, red or grey? Fleshy pink equals healthy, oops you have an infection when it turns angry red and you know that you’re susceptible to allergies when the colour is muted pink and grey in colour.  

The floor of the nasal cavity is also the roof of the mouth. It should come as no surprise that the other function of the nose is for smell and taste. 80% of what you taste is determined by your nose and what it is smelling. You have about 12 million smell receptor cells while dogs have between three to four billion.  

Ladies verses Gents. Although men on average have larger noses than the fairer sex, ladies have more dedicated smelling power. Unlike any of the four other senses, smell is the only one connected to a spot in the brain where feelings are processed, and memories are formed. The region in the brain for processing smell is almost 50 percent bigger in ladies.  

Sneezing helps to clear the cavities and produces tens of thousands of droplets into the air around us. But did you know that you don’t sneeze while you’re sleeping because your sneeze nerve is sleeping too? While we’re on the topic, research shows that about 45 percent of men snore while they sleep compared with 25 percent of women.  

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