Struggling to get your 5 a day?

We’ve heard it since we were in primary school: eat your 5 a day, every day, to stay healthy. This amount of fruit and veg keeps your gut and bowels working, and helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes and some types of cancer.

5 is not a big number, so why do so many of us struggle to reach it? Perhaps you’re feeding young people who wretch at the taste of anything green, or it could be that you’re busy and don’t feel like you have time to make something that is both healthy and enjoyable from scratch. Some easy ways to incorporate at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables into your daily routine can involve small tricks and alterations to some of your favourite foods.

Hiding it

Blending can be particularly useful if you are feeding children who refuse to eat vegetables. If your child loves bolognese but can’t stand onions, peppers, or carrots, use a food processor to cut these vegetables extremely finely. Chances are if they cannot see it, they might just like it!


Making breakfast smoothies also saves time and can pack in multiple portions of your 5 a day. A banana, spinach and berry smoothie, for example, can pack in 3 portions, and only takes two minutes to blend up. This way, a large volume of fruit and veg can be consumed in a short amount of time.

Veggie carb alternatives

As carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and bread often make up the main component of many of our meals, this can sometimes leave little room for our 5 a day. A handy way to combat this is by replacing these components with vegetable alternatives. Examples include:

  • Homemade crisps using sweet potatoes, beetroot, parsnip and carrot instead of white potatoes. Simply cut finely, pat dry, season, drizzle with oil and bake.
  • Cauliflower rice. Accompanying a main dish with a side of cauliflower rice is filling and nutritious - a great way to get an extra portion of your 5 a day into your meals.
  • Courgetti - spiralized courgette is a delicious addition to pasta sauces. Use it to replace or accompany your spaghetti pasta to add extra colour to the dish.
  • Cauliflower pizza bases are on the rise, showing just how versatile this vegetable is. Using a food processor to finely blitz the florets, it can be moulded and shaped into a base and covered in your favourite pizza toppings easily.

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