Great Recipes: Welcome to Smoothie Week

Smoothies are delicious and nutritious and a wonderful source of nutrition, fibre and vitamins for on the go. In case you missed it, a smoothie is liquidised drink made from whole fruit and vegetables as well as a liquid base; typically these are yogurt, milk or ice-cream or plant-based milks such as soya, oat milk and sometimes even coconut milk. Sometimes fruit juices are added as well.  

However, not all smoothies are created equal. Some can cause weight gain, skin, breakouts and unhealthy spikes to blood sugar levels. Cellnutrition turns the tide on smoothies to ensure that you obtain maximum benefit by adding a secret ingredient or two. One of these is OmegaBiocell 3,6,9. The addition of 5ml of this 100% plant-based, ultra-pure vegan-friendly oil provides all the essential fatty acids and in the correct bioavailable form to help you absorb, circulate and burn the energy you obtain from your liquidised meal efficiently, at a cellular level. 

More than that, Cellnutrition has a team of highly qualified nutritionists and scientists from all over the world who have designed a range of delicious smoothies for your benefit. Cellnutrition’s team will be providing delicious and easy to follow smoothie recipes daily over the next week to help you: 



  • Cleanse and Detox 
  • Lose Weight Without Dieting 
  • Beat the Bloat 
  • Curb Unhealthy Cravings 
  • Enhance Immunity and Overall Health 
  • Stabilise Mood Swings and Improve Emotional Wellbeing 
  • Increase your Daily Nutrient Intake  


Whilst your milkshake might bring all the boys to the yard, Cellnutrition’s Smoothie Recipes will help you keep them there! Smoothies have numerous health benefits. When created with the right combination of easy to obtain ingredients to keep in the fridge and pantry, we’ll help you to address specific needs and provide some pointers on what to avoid.  

We understand that you live a fast-paced life and that sometimes convenience is vital. Did you know that by avoiding dairy milk in your smoothie and replacing it with nut butters and plant-based milks and yoghurts, and selected seeds such as chia seeds mixed with water that you’ll actually improve your Calcium intake, avoid irritable bowel syndrome, improve the absorption of antioxidants, improve the quality of your gut health and even your skin? 

The truth is anything can go into a smoothie. With all the information available on the Internet and proliferation of fad-diets, it’s difficult to know who to trust and what to buy, how to use them and when. For example, the top 3 mistakes made by rookie smoothie makers are: 

  1. Using fruit juices as a liquid base for their smoothies. Wrong. These are loaded with sugars and artificial ingredients. 
  2. Smoothies need to be sweet. Wrong. They can also be a savoury meal replacement, simply use leafy green vegetables, carrots and perhaps a sliver of fresh ginger for zest. 
  3. Smoothies alone are a meal replacement. Wrong. They need a few added elements to ensure that you obtain optimum nutrition, especially proteins and essential fatty acids to perform that function.   

Be sure to visit us tomorrow for the first recipe. Or, simply sign-up for our newsletter and receive all of them in your inbox at the beginning of next week. If you’re keen to get started, why not consider ordering a Cellnutrition Health Bundle now? It includes a bottle of Omegabiocell3,6,9, a box of Quinton Hypertonic and a box of Quinton Isotonic. That way, you’ll start with a strong slate because together they provide all 78 trace elements and minerals your cells require and the essential fatty acids you need to kick start your health journey with a bang.