Strawberry Fields

Create your own strawberry fields by following this easy step by step guide.

We planted our Strawberries last year, buying some young plants from a garden centre. We replanted them into larger pots and this helped ensure we got some fruit in the first year. Once the plant is established you will get a much larger crop during the second summer. At the end of the summer, you will need to ensure that you cut back the plants.   Remove all the dead leaves and stems to allow the plants to regrow new shoots.

With more growing fruit you will need to protect your crop with a protective net.  This will protect the fruit rom birds and pests.  We had to use scrap materials found in the garden and garage due to the DIY stores being closed with the lockdown measures put in place by the UK Government.

Below is a quick guide to help you build a DIY protective net/cover for your Strawberries and other fruit.

Equipment and Materials

  • 2x120cm 4x1 treated timber
  • 2x 80cm 4x1 treated timber
  • 4 x corner braces made from timber off cuts
  • Garden netting
  • 4 lengths of flexible plastic, I used off cuts of PVC strips (used PVC windows)
  • 16x treated screws (50mm)
  • 9x 25mm treated screws
  • Drill with 3mm drill bit
  • Screw Driver/Drill
  • Hammer and small nails

Step 1

To construct the base with a little help from Maggie, drill through the 4x1 into the corner and brace in two places securing with 2 screws.

Step 2

Bring the next piece of 4x1, drill through into the corner brace, and secure with screws to create a right angle.


Step 3

Repeat the previous step 3 times to create a rectangle shape.

Step 4

Take one of the flexible plastic strips (this will need cutting to create a nice arch that will clear the plants) and secure it to one corner (longest length side). Then bend, it across, to the other side secure with screws


Step 5

Repeat this step 2 more times. One in the middle and one at the other end of the rectangle.

Step 6

Attach the last plastic strip to the top of each arch to connect them together

Step 7

Secure the net using the nails. Remember to insert the nails at regular intervals making sure you keep the net taught

Step 8

Place over your strawberries to protect them from birds and pests.