Here’s the Skinny on Your Skin! Dermis Did You Knows

Your skin is more than a body bag for your bones and internal organs. It is your body’s largest organ and can account for 15-20% of your actual body weight. Feeling heavy? Please don’t! We’re here to help you love the skin you’re in with fun facts about your skin and how to get it summer ready.

The cosmetics industry was worth almost £77 billion in the US market in 2019 alone. This is an increase of £15 billion from the year before. That’s a lot of zeros! The average person spends around £50 a month on creams, lotions, moisturisers and anti-aging products, and another £50 a month cosmetics and make-up. Phew! Let’s hope that the spending was more of an investment on all natural and 100% organic products.

The average Jo has about 20 square feet of skin and about 11 miles of blood vessels. The skin absorbs what’s applied to it via the process of osmosis and circulates it around the body. The more natural the product applied, the better it is to our internal wellbeing. Think about the nasty effects that processed foods do to our intestines… the same rule applies to the skin!


Your skin is made up of about seven layers and performs four main functions. First, it protects us from germs and the elements. Second, it regulates our body temperatures. Third, it provides us with the vehicle for sensations related to touch. And fourth, it acts as a sponge and detox organ.

On average, the skin is made up of about 300 million cells. These completely regenerate themselves every 28 days. Dead or damaged skin cells slough-off at a rate of about 35,000 cells every minute and are one of the major components of dust. Experts approximate that the earth’s atmosphere contains about a billion tons of our dead skin cells.

Some of the skin’s touch receptors or nerves are connected directly to a muscle and not to the brain. This helps us protect ourselves, think reflexes when touching something piping hot.

People in colder climates tend to have smaller pores in their skin. This is because the blood vessels on the outer layers restrict to prevent heat escaping. Pores open-up more when exposed to heat which is why many Beauty clinics gently apply steam to the skin for a deep cleanse facial. Ever noticed that foot lotion, body lotion and skin lotions are marketed differently? That’s because the skin is thickest on the soles of our feet. Our thinnest layer of skin is our eyelid.

Did you know that you lose about a quarter of liquid, a day on average due to sweating alone and that we sweat to regulate our body temperatures? When we damage the skin, it repairs itself with scar tissue and this tissue doesn’t include sweat glands or hair follicles.

And, did you know that the secret to great skin lies in our oceans? The lingering healing power of Poseidon can be found in every drop of the vast oceans comprising the blue planet. The salt in the water includes many healing ions, trace elements and minerals that can help the skin stay healthy and balanced. From the Greeks and Egyptians to the Roman ancient civilisations all relied on the ocean to cure skin conditions and keep their skins youthful, healthy and more resilient.

Cellnutrition Quinton Dermo Spray is based on this principle. The product is harvested from pristine plankton blooms deep in the Atlantic Oceans. It is 100% natural, pure and vegan friendly. It works at a cellular level to keep skin healthy, strong and harmoniously in balance with 78 trace minerals and elements. It helps build healthier skin cells and prevent skin disorders.

Did you know that consuming the right amount of sea water internally, may also help build better skin? We often assume that the main cause of pimples are dirty skins and diet. Although they play a part, changes in hormone levels, excessive sweating, certain prescription medications and even the products that we apply are also culprits. Clean sea water consumed correctly can help balance gut health and reduce skin inflammation. Why not consider supplementing what you’re doing outside with Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic Ampoules for a daily dose of the purest form of bioavailable minerals and trace elements on earth….from the sea of course.