Holistic Health Advice to Help Prevent Infection with Natural Nasal Hygiene

Our bodies are oceans and our mouths and noses, it’s beaches. Quite literally. Scientists have proven that our cells are remarkably like the sea itself. Medical advances in physiology confirms that our health depends on our internal ocean which transfers nutrients around our body. And, a bit like our beaches, our noses and mouths need to be kept constantly clean and clear for the health of the oceans within us. The key to optimum health is always gentleness the natural way, it’s the same way that Mother Nature always intended it. When we treat our body with kindness, it is kinder to us by being healthier, happier and harmoniously in balance. That’s where it all starts. The Nose.


The nose and mouth are more than convenient places for lipstick and nose rings, they are also the main entrances to the body. No surprises there. They perform vital functions to our survival and more than that, our ability to thrive. Together, they are a sensory organ to capture smells and taste, to get air to the lungs and to filter the air and eliminate impurities before it gets there. So, what is the best way to keep our beaches clean? Through natural nasal hygiene with Cellnutrition’s Nasal Sprays. 

Cellnutrition’s innovative and wholly natural products help create equilibrium in our internal oceans to function properly. They are 100% natural and pure and include all 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements from the sea itself. On the nose! After all, the nose knows best.  

Cellnutrition’s natural nasal product range has numerous benefits designed to aid excellent nasal hygiene and the immune system in fighting infections. Good nasal hygiene strengthens the mucous respiratory defence mechanisms, improves tear duct drainage, helps to reduce allergies, works to prevent colds and flus. Not only that it also improves taste, smell and even hearing. 

Cellnutrition Action Plus Nasal Spray is recommended for use to treat active infections. It is of a hypertonic concentration to rebalance cellular nutrition. If a persistent infection in the nose is left untreated this can lead to other problems in the body. 

How does the nasal mucosa work?  

When the nasal mucosa is clean and physiologically active there is reduced risk of illness as it is ready to defend us against respiratory infections through different mechanisms. The mucous membrane makes sticky mucus that lines the respiratory passages to capture impurities. It is lined with hair-like structures called Cilia which then move and pull the mucus to the pharynx where the germs in the mucus are swallowed and neutralised in the digestive system.  It forms part of the Lymphatic Network which produces macrophages designed to destroy nasty microbes in the air that is breathed in.  

Cellnutrition Action Plus Nasal Spray is recommended to treat active and chronic infections in the nose. The hypertonic concentration has a proven long-term beneficial effect. It can also be used alongside Cellnutrition Isotonic Nasal Spray for milder symptoms and as a preventative measure from colds and flus.   

For optimum benefits, consider using the nasal sprays in conjunction with Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic ampoules to support the internal terrain of the body and maintain cellular strength and wellness.    


Credit: https://yuefloat.com/