Give Your Children’s Immune Systems a Chance with Proper Nasal Hygiene

A new-born baby fills a space in the heart that you never knew you had. Whether you’re a mom, dad, granny or grandad, uncle, aunty or friend. There is something so pure, so innocent and so perfect about the gift of life so beautifully bundled up in a baby. And it’s so endearing that we all want to do what we can to make sure that he or she has a healthy start in life. And that start, starts with baby’s nose and mouth.


Babies are born with fragile immune systems while they build up the required antibodies to be strong. According to Dr Camille Sabella, Director of the Centre for Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Cleveland Clinic in the USA, “An infant’s immune system doesn’t mature until around two to three months.”

In the first few months, your baby’s immune system, especially at a cellular level, starts to develop. This is very important to help it fight off viruses and bacteria often transmitted through the nose and mouth in the air that it breathes and the food that it eats. A six-week-old baby cannot fight off infections nearly as well as six-month-old baby can, or six-year-old child can. How then do we help it develop the strongest immune system possible? How then do we help it to fight off colds and flus? How then do we provide a healthy start?

Thanks Mum! The mum’s immune system protects her baby with antibodies that were shared through the placenta immediately after birth and stay active for the first few weeks. Combined with breastmilk, this boosts early immunity. And to think that the bundle of joy came into the world by the meeting of two cells. This is where it gets really interesting. Helping baby and toddlers purify the air that they breathe.

Babies and toddlers' noses and mouths need to be kept constantly clean and clear for optimum health. And the way to optimum health is always gentleness the natural way, it’s the same way that Mother Nature always intended it. When we treat our body with kindness, it is kinder to us by being healthier, happier and harmoniously in balance. That’s where it all starts. The nose.

When the nasal mucosa is clean and physiologically active there is reduced risk of illness as it is ready to defend children against respiratory infections. The mucous membrane makes sticky mucous that lines the respiratory passages to capture impurities. It is lined with hair-like structures called Cilia which then move and pull the mucous to the pharynx where the germs in the mucous are swallowed and neutralised in the digestive system. It forms part of the Lymphatic Network which produces macrophages designed to destroy nasty microbes in the air that is breathed in.

This is where the 100 percent natural and pure CellNutrition Quinton Paediatric Nasal Spray comes in use.  Designed specifically for new-born babies, toddlers and children up to the age of six years old, it aids the natural defences of the nasal lining and helps to get the nasties into the stomach and not the lungs, where the acidic environment of the tummy neutralises it. It supports breathing by clearing mucus from the baby’s nose. It also includes 78 minerals and trace elements that help build immunity at a cellular level. Healthier cells, healthier children. It is also recommended for daily use to help prevent and treat nasal congestion, colds, allergic rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and nasal dryness.

And, because it is totally natural and designed to work with the cells, it suitable for frequent use, maintaining the defensive integrity of your child’s mucosa as an effective barrier to infections that would otherwise gain entry and stress the immune system.