How to Supercharge Your Cellular Fitness with Crystal Grids

Interestingly, the word Deva translates to ‘a being of brilliant light’ to aptly describe the essence of the Mineral Kingdom. All crystals within the earth can be thought of as being elements of a huge grid. Stone structures at centres of spiritual energy such as the Stonehenge, Medicine Wheels and the various pyramids around the world can also be called stone grids. But, did you know that crystal grids can be made to charge food, water, vitamins, medication, healing plants, aromatherapy oils and most certainly all of our Cellnutrition products, with pure crystal energy and good intent. Here’s how.

We’ll focus on the arrangement of crystals and gemstones dedicated to a particular purpose such as sending or receiving healing or focusing on manifesting things in certain areas of your lives such as fitness.

You can create crystal grids around a room, under a bed, in the garden, to alleviate geopathic stress; you may want to set up a prosperity grid on your desk at work. Grids can be set in simple circles or rows or may be made around intricate geometric shapes.

They can be placed directly on the earth or a table, on a wooden slab, in a container filled with sand or on a special cloth. You can place your crystal grid on a sheet of paper marked with a diagram of the grid. There is no right or wrong way of setting up a crystal grid. It’s an intuitive procedure and asks you to engage your right brain. Place your Cellnutrition Quinton ampoules in the centre of the grid to supercharge them with some extra healing. 

Crystals vibrate at their own unique frequencies and have been known to directly affect the structure of water including that found in our bodies and of course our supplements in the best way possible. Amethyst and Rose Quartz have long been revered for the positive effects they have on assisting in healing physical ailments.

 You may find that the way you set up a grid will change every time you do it.


The main thing is to enjoy the experience and go with your intuition. To set up a crystal grid, there are 10 basic guidelines that can be followed:

    1. Determine the Intention of your grid – generally one should ask for things according to free will, harming none and for the higher good of all concerned.

    2. Decide on the size and shape of your grid – this depends on the intention and the space available.

    3. Select the crystals and gemstones to be used – this also depends on intention. Once selected, the stones should be cleansed and dedicated.

    4. Find a location – this also depends on intention, if you need help sleeping you would set-up in your bedroom, for creative inspiration it could be in your studio.

    5. Cleanse the space – burn incense or smudge, you can even use a Tibetan Singing Bowl and sound to cleanse any negativity lurking in the spaces auric outline.

    6. Create ambience – Get into the experience with music, candles, incense and even under the light of the full moon.


    7. Place the crystals or gemstones – following your inner guidance or a technique you have learnt place the stones in the chosen location. Start with East, South, West and North and tend to work in clockwise direction.

    8. Meditate and empower the grid – this can also be done intuitively or according to what you have read or learnt. Simply focus on the grid and ask it to assist you in a way that empowers, heals and does no harm to self, others or the environment.

    9. Listen – calm the mind and sit in or next to the grid, pay attention to any ideas, visions, words or feelings that you experience.

    10. Crystal grids help to set-up a pristine, balanced energy field and can be used to create a sacred space for healing and meditation. Therefore, we suggest placing your medication and supplements in the centre.

    The basic principle involves a geometric pattern of crystals which creates a clearly defined space. Crystal grids encompass crystalline energy as well as the power of numbers. The most popular grid is the four stone cross-quarters grid.

    This is a very stable grid that can be used for: meditation, creating harmony and balanced, combating geopathic stress and enhancing energy and intentions of goal setting and manifestation. The energy of the square grid is very grounding, ordered and earthed. It is great for grounding related matters or when you need to have your feet on the ground. It’s often found in healing rooms.


    Use Four Quartz crystals to make a grid:

    • Locate North and place 1st crystal in North facing South
    • Place 2nd crystal in South facing North
    • Place 3rd crystal in East facing West
    • Place 4th crystal in West facing East.

    Once all the crystals have been placed, sit in the centre of grid facing whichever direction you choose – many people like to face East. If you want to lie down in the grid, your head should be in the North and feet in South, so that you are lying in the same direction as the natural flow of the earth’s polarity. You may want to hold a crystal in your hands. Stay in the grid for 15 – 20 minutes or as long as your meditation takes. You should experience a more profound and vivid meditation.

    If you’re creating a smaller grid, place your Cellnutrition product in the centre and supercharge them with the healing power of the Earth. Happy healing.

    Contributed by Eva de Fleuriot of Crystal Deva

    Interestingly, the word Deva translates to "a being of brilliant light” to aptly describe the essence of the Mineral Kingdom. Crystal Deva provides quality healing crystals and creative handcrafted gifts for all occasions and spaces. The store is owner run and managed by Eva De Fleuriot who remains intimately involved day-to-day. Having lived and worked with Crystals for more than 20 years, Eva loves to share her knowledge. And, hopefully offer helpful advice on how you could use Crystals and Gemstones to improve your sense of well-being and harmony with life. Come In and Shine.