How to Use Essential Oils Therapeutically

Essential Oils provide more than lovely smells. They have the power to heal and have been beneficial for thousands of years. The sense of olfaction is powerful and the proper administration of Essential Oils to the skin encourages cellular health too. This creates aromatherapy. The holistic community has known for decades that Essential Oils will help us physically and emotionally. Since we are all spending extra time at home, it is important that we create an environment that fosters positivity and love. Aromatherapy is one technique to help do just that.  

Essential Oils are compounds extracted from plants and distilled into a powerful essence using various techniques such as distillation. This captures the plants unique aroma and therapeutic essence, hence the name.  

There are several different ways that we can use Essential Oils to our benefit immediately. The first method is to place a few drops in an air diffuser or Essential Oil burner. The diffuser cleanses the air while also providing the benefits that the scent provides to our sense of wellbeing, through one of the body’s most powerful senses which directly links to the brain.  

The second method is to mix the Essential Oil with a carrier oil such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or even a good aqueous cream. Never apply the Essential Oil directly onto the skin. The essence is often too harsh for the protective dermal layer on the skin. The general rule of thumb is one millilitre (ml) of essential oil to every ten millimetres of base product such as the carrier products mentioned. With Essential Oils the best advice is to err on the side of caution. Remember that less is more.  

Once thoroughly mixed, test a little area on the skin to ensure that your skin reacts well to mixture. These can then be applied to the skin creating beneficial perfume too. Also, kindly avoid this technique should you be pregnant.  

Different Essential Oils affect us differently just like different plants and their aromas have different effects on the body. Please note that aromatherapy and Essential Oils are not a replacement for recommended medical treatment from your healthcare provider. It is rather one of the tools to uplift and support healing processes. 

Uplift with Citrus and Florals 

Citrus based scents such Orange, Lemongrass and Lime are wonderful scents to diffuse in homes. Their fresh fragrances are great mood boosters and are known to create a fun and more light-hearted atmosphere. To harvest feelings of love in your home, try diffusing floral scents such as Ylang-ylang, Geranium or Rose. Mixing both citrus and floral scents together will cultivate an overall sense of well-being. 

Relieve Anxiety with Lavender 

If you are looking to help relieve anxiety and set the mood for sleep or more restful behaviour, Lavender is the go-to Essential Oil. It brings about the peaceful feeling we all need as we settle down at the end of the day. Taking deep breathes before bed and sending gratitude out into the Universe is said to promote a more restful night’s sleep.

Supporting the Respiratory System 

Some of us may encounter COVID-19 in the future. There are ways that we can help support our respiratory system holistically if we are in this situation. Thyme Essential Oil is an expectorant and can be used to assist your lungs in expelling mucus. Holistic practitioners have used Thyme for generations.  Thyme’s most active ingredient is Thymol, which is also an active ingredient used in many over the counter vapour rubs. 

Other go-to Essential Oils for respiratory support would be Eucalyptus Radiata and Lavender.  Together with a dear friend and fellow Holistic Minister, we have created a custom line of Apothecary products to help assist in the healing process.  

One product that has been very helpful for many is called: Break it Up.  It is a chest rub made using the above mentions Oils in the form of a balm that can be applied to neck and chest regularly. One important point to remember when using Essential Oils is that less is more.   

One reason we decided to create Essential Oil products for our community was to ensure proper usage.  To learn more about our products or if you have any questions regarding Essential Oils, please visit: 

My name is Michelle Farrugia I am a Holistic Minister, Reiki Healer and Health Advocate from Long Island, New York. Now is the time to dig into my holistic “tool box” and find the products and practices that will help to serve others during this unusual time in history. I hope that you find this information helpful and you continue to keep your physical and mental health a priority.  

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