Hydration for Happiness

Sometimes when struggling with poor mental health, we can abandon some of our most basic needs, such as keeping ourselves fed and hydrated. Without regular breaks for water, this can very quickly have a serious effect on our brain. What many don’t realise is that, before we initially perceive thirst, we are in fact already in a state of dehydration. Therefore, sipping water even when we don’t necessarily feel like it can be a good routine to get into.

What happens when I’m dehydrated?

When we are dehydrated, we lose sodium and electrolytes. The physical effects include lower cognitive ability (causing a poorer memory and attention span), headaches, hunger and even constipation. Then there’s the emotional toll, which can be even more unpleasant.

According to the Business Insider Australia, even just one percent dehydration can have negative effects on mood and memory function. It can leave us feeling irritable, distant, exhausted and mentally drained.

By replenishing our bodies with fluids, minerals and electrolytes, we are more likely to remain focused and feel more comfortable. This equips our minds with the tools to perform better at work, engage with others and alter our outlook in a positive way.

A minimum of two pints of water per day is recommended to remain hydrated - some of this comes from our food, but most of it will come from our drinks. Caffeinated drinks or alcoholic beverages, for obvious reasons, don’t count toward this. Herbal teas or fresh fruit juice mixed with water, however, do positively contribute to hydration levels.

It’s also not necessarily the best idea to reach for sugary sports drinks with added electrolytes, either. Alternatively, sticking to plain water and accompanying this with a mineral supplement will replenish the body without the additional sugars which are in fact counterproductive to our goal of hydration.

Cellnutrition Quinton is a 100% natural mineral supplement that aids hydration at a cellular level. It contains 78 minerals and trace elements that the body needs in the perfect proportions, and with high bioavailability, it is absorbed directly by the cells. Paired with a regular water intake, the minerals allow the body to optimise these fluids for maximum benefits.