Isolation In Barcelona



Hi everyone,

My name is Lucy. I am isolating with my husband, Adam, and our 2 dogs in a studio apartment in Barcelona, Spain. We are originally from Ireland.

The rules, in Barcelona, dictate that you are only allowed outside your home for the following reasons; to go the supermarket; the pharmacy; and work, if you are a key worker (for example: working within the healthcare system); or to take your dogs for a walk (100m limit). The rules are strict and as a member of several social media groups, I have read hundreds of stories where the police have issued fines to those who disobey.

During weekdays, we are working remotely as teachers, but during our downtime, we have focused on bringing our community together through music. We are not the only people to utilise music to make a terrible situation a little better as our neighbours have also done so.

We go out to clap every evening at 8 pm to thank the medical staff for everything they have done to help fight Coronavirus. After this, we round the evening claps off with a song that we dance to. This helps us (our community) forget about the problems currently plaguing our country.

On the weekend we have a real party as we (the community) chat from our distant balconies, dance, drink, and laugh for hours and when it's over, we sleep after connecting and having fun.

We are so thankful to be in this with such wonderful people surrounding us and of course the music.