Nailed It! The Importance of Healthy Nails

One glance at a person’s nails says so much about them. The truth is the keratin cladding of your nail bed doesn’t only tell us about personal hygiene habits nor your personal tastes (think nail art).  No. Your nails are also a critical indicator to your health. White spots? Calcium deficiency. Bluish nails? Circulation. Puffy nail ridges? Thyroid imbalance.  

Your nails are a great and natural indicator of what’s going on inside and a wonderful gift to yourself in that they provide you with a warning light before your body screeches to a grinding halt at the red light. We give you a green light into your health by asking you to examine your nails carefully and whether you need to make changes to your lifestyle and diet. After all, this is where all good health begins, optimal nutrition and hydration. Your nails are exception. 

Nails are made of multiple layers of a protein called Keratin. Like coal becoming diamonds under pressure, your nails are basically your hair which is closely compacted together. This makes the surface hard and is designed to protect the soft underbelly of your nail bed. And a bit like diamonds, they are more or less opaque. Just like your skin can offer you clues about your health and nutritional intake, so too can your nails. 

Healthy Nails 

Caring for your nails is just as important as taking food and nutrients for your body. Recognising the signs presented by your nails is crucial. As a rule of thumb, your nails should be smooth with a pale pink colour, this is not actually the colour of the nail but in fact the colour of your tissue underneath. When gently applying pressure to the nail it should make the colour disappear temporarily and reappear rapidly back to normal when the pressure is realised. This sign indicates a healthy nail which suggests you have good blood flow to your tissues and that you are well hydrated. 

Nails and Nutrition 

Nails showing white sports or small semi-circles is an indication that your diet might be lacking Calcium and Vitamin C. Now before you start supplementing please be aware that over or under supplementing with one ingredient, creates an internal imbalance. All minerals work synergistically. So, whilst Calcium also works with Vitamin C it needs at least 20 other minerals and trace elements for optimal absorption and metabolism at a cellular level. Therefore, a deficiency in Calcium can affect other trace elements contributing to poor health and nails.   

Flat, dull nails generally indicate that your body is missing certain essential nutrients and in particularly vitamin B7 which is known as Biotin. This can be found in eggs, organ meat such as liver, oily fish and even in cauliflower and avocados. We live fast paced lives which makes it a challenge to stay nutritionally balanced.  

Cellnutrition Quinton is a 100% natural mineral supplement that works in the body at a cellular level. It contains all 78 minerals and trace elements required by your body. This enables maximum absorption and function of each element. By supporting the body at a cellular level, Cellnutrition Quinton supports healthy skin, hair, and nails, and maintains optimum homeostasis. 

Nails that are very brittle, resulting in the cracking and splitting is often a sign of low Thyroid function. Watch your iodine levels or salt intake and increase healthy, plant-based Omegas. Cellnutrition’s essential fatty acids called Omeabiocell369 is the only Omega oils that are made from a patented technology which has completely changed the way Essential Fatty Acids are absorbed, retained and excreted by each cell. Our technology alters the structure from Triglycerides to Ethyl Esters.  

Ethyl whoBasically, the important fatty acids are provided in the best way possible to make them more bioavailable which increases absorption and higher bioretention once inside your cells. This means that your cells can get significantly more benefits from just on serving alone. Omegabiocell369 is a 100% natural, plant-based product that can be taken on its own or added to table ready foods to enhance your meal’s nutritional value. In this why, dry, cracked and brittle everything including nails is a thing of the past. 

It’s important to combine plant-based Omegas with a restorative isotonic which will help with dehydration. No matter how many glasses of what you drink every day, hydration starts with homeostasis and that starts with the correct balance of trace elements and minerals. Cellnutrition Quinton helps restore electrolytes and the presence of the essential trace elements, aids hydration at a cellular level because it brings more water into the cells and holds it there. This contributes to healthy, stronger, brighter nails too. 

Your nail health starts with looking after your cells. With Cellnutrition's range of unique, natural products and a balanced diet you can enhance the health of your nails and watch them become stronger and healthier.