Organic your September

Organic your September

What will make me healthy? There are different aspects when it comes to health, including your physical health, your social health, and your emotional health. 

When it comes to physical health this is the condition of your body which is affected by what you eat and how you move. 

What we eat directly impacts our state of health and the perception of what healthy is can vary from person to person. Some might say you shouldn’t eat carbs, some avoid high-fat diets and others think sugar is a no-no. Generally, with regards to food, it is best to eat a nutritious and balanced diet, with a wide variety of different fruit and vegetables. 

But are we getting all the nutrients our body needs from food? 

Vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) compared to those that we get today. A study by the Nutritional Security Institute states that the nutritional values in food have declined significantly over the past 70 years, and reduction in nutritional value is attributed to mineral depletion of the soil, loss of soil microorganisms and changes in plant varieties. Another study by Newcastle University in 2014 found that organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than those conventionally-grown. The research also suggests that if soil continues to lose nutrients and minerals at this rate, then we will only have 48 years of topsoil left. 

So how can we stop this, and give our body the minerals that it needs to function at its best? 

Conventional fruits and vegetables can often be genetically modified and heavily sprayed, containing unwanted chemicals and contaminants. Organic foods aren’t farmed using harmful chemicals that can damage the soil, which is also a benefit for you, because you’re only putting the good stuff into your body! It also means that nutrients in the soil can be preserved, so the food that you’re eating is better for you, and you know exactly what you are consuming.

September is the month for going organic! The Soil Association launch their annual campaign, Organic September, to encourage everyone to Eat, Drink, Choose and Use Organic. 

Here at Cellnutrition, we understand that what we consume impacts our cellular nutrition and our physical health. We therefore only provide products which are 100% natural and free of toxins, preservatives, sugars and artificial ingredients. In addition to this our products are packaged in glass to preserve all nutritional properties. 

Feeding your cells with essential nutrients is a necessary and critical component to keeping your body in balance, supporting your energy levels, immunity and vitality each and every day. 

Your cells require macro and micronutrients to replenish, repair, and regenerate themselves.

Even if you choose to only eat the healthiest and freshest foods, you can still lack certain nutrients due to the reduction in soil nutrition and quality. Cellnutrition Quinton ensures that you get the 78 minerals and trace elements your cells need every day. Nourish your cells correctly to make you healthy from the inside out!