Pssst… You’re Gorgeous! Compliment Your Mirror Today

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all? You are. There is nothing wrong with you. You are imperfectly beautiful. We all are. You might not always agree with what your mirror tells you, so we’ll tell you instead, you’re gorgeous! 03 July is Compliment Your Mirror Day. Yes, that shiny thing, typically in your bathroom that you often stare too long in or not long enough at because you just can’t face yourself. Cellnutrition stands behind this day to remind you that you are enough. And, in case nobody told you today, you are indeed loved and worthy.

Compliment Your Mirror Day is a wonderful initiative about self-worth. If you can’t compliment the person staring back at you from the mirror, it’s time for a little self-reflection on the concept of self-love. We know that’s easy for some and little harder for others. Today, take a moment to compliment that person looking back at you while he or she is brushing teeth and say, you know what, you’re awesome.

It was famed British Novelist Roald Dahl who wrote in one of his many books entitled The Witches in 1983, “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely.” He sold some 250 million books during his lifetime and his work continues to sell today. We like the way he thinks. Little did he know back then that quantum physicists would prove him right some 40 years later by showing that thoughts and feelings may indeed shape our realities. So how do we have good thoughts all the time?

In the fast paced, social media, selfie-driven lives we lead filled with daily interactions or none, comparison is bound to happen. And we’re here to let you know that sometimes it’s OK not to be OK. Have a moment. Wallow in self-pity. And always kindly bounce back through self-love. It’s quite normal to feel insecure sometimes. This feeling has its uses. It can drive us to face our fears and force us to pause, reflect and ask, where to from here? Having good thoughts often means unlearning and forgetting all the hurts that we’ve experienced throughout our lives. Perhaps even the bullying we’ve endured or punishments we’ve self-inflicted. It’s a scary thing to do because who would we be without them? We would no longer be victims of our self-limiting beliefs and we would step into our power.

It was four times number one New York Times bestselling authoress Marianne Williamson who wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness. That most frightens us.” She makes a valid point. Embrace your power. Realise your worth. And do that by investing in yourself. Let your light shine by embracing your fear, after all, you might just be the lighthouse that someone needs to navigate their own storm.

Celebrate Compliment Your Mirror Day by doing just that. Self-love through self-investment. Invest in your physical appearance by creating the best possible foundations like healthier, more resilient skin with the help of a product like Cellnutrition Dermo Skin Spray. Or invest in your physical heath with a healthier eating regime and exercise programme combined with nutritional support as supplied by Cellnutrition Health Bundle. Invest in that course you’ve been wanting to do. Or simply, take off all your clothes, have a lovely bubble bath and congratulate yourself on being you by acknowledging all your achievements. 

Where did these things called mirrors come from and where they invented by the same people that created the blasted bathroom scale? Not quite. Mirrors date back 4000 BC. The first mirrors for grooming purposes were made from polished Obsidian and date back to Ancient Greece. But it was the German inventor Justus von Liebig who's responsible for the silvered glass versions we use today. He invented those in 1835. Thanks, Justice, for the opportunity you’ve created to let ourselves know how awesome we are today.