Wildlife Day – Protecting Endangered Species

National Wildlife Day is celebrated globally on two dates namely 22 February and 4 September. This is due to the fact that we need to double our awareness of the ever-increasing list of endangered species. And also, to honour the memory of notorious wildlife warrior, Steve Irwin on his birthday in February. It was started by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviourist and philanthropist to shine the spotlight on some of the good work that certain organisations and conservationists are already undertaking to protect what we have left.  

As a species, humans are wholly dependent on the proliferation of the wildlife and the biodiversity that it promotes. And although wildlife might conjure up images of elephants, lions, whales and buck, the truth is, microorganisms, fauna and flora of all shapes and sizes are all classified as wildlife and are just as important for our continued survival.  

Cellnutrition joins Winston Churchill armed with war-cry ‘We shall fight them on beaches’ for several reasons. The sea gives rise to most our oxygen and regulates life on the Blue Planet. The beach is the perfect battleground when we consider that only 29% of our planet is land. The remaining 71% is largely covered by the ocean and other bodies of landlocked water.  

The sea has been well known and celebrated for its healing and therapeutic properties. Cellnutrition’s Quinton range of products are pure solutions containing all the 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements derived from nature that help support optimal health and wellbeing from within our cells.  

We sustainably harvest them 30m beneath pristine plankton blooms which is where mineral wealth is enhanced due to these specific parts of the ocean being favourable to phytoplankton and zooplankton. Plankton are known as the most important group of organisms on Earth and are the foundation of the entire food chain.  

Phytoplankton use sunlight and photosynthesis which results in the production of almost 70% of the Earth’s oxygen and converts inorganic minerals and trace elements into bioavailable elements. Zooplankton feed on the phytoplankton, which promote the release of the bioavailable elements into the sea. As the specific sites of extraction are located far from the coast, sources of pollution can be avoided. This is done by rigorous controls carried out on all our raw materials, these controls are used to help detect any unwanted contamination such heavy metals, pesticides, and micro plastics.  

Once the seawater has been extracted it is quarantined for three months and after the initial on-site filtration, the raw material is refrigerated undergoinga double cold micro-filtration to eliminate the content of microorganisms allowing us to preserve the seawaters natural qualities and organic matter which prevents the presence of free radicals and avoids the micro-precipitation of some minerals such as calcium and magnesium salts. These steps are taken to help guarantee that the seawater is suitable for consumption within our products.   

This unique and natural way of harvesting our enriched mineral solution produced by specific organisms in the sea has meant that Cellnutrition aims to make a real difference to people's overall wellbeing in a 100% natural and sustainable way.  Which is why Wildlife Day rings so close to our own hearts.  

With our feet firmly back on dry landCellnutrition’s Omegabiocell369 product ranges are 100% natural plant based, ultra-pure Omega oils. They contain four specific plant oils which are known as Linseed, Evening Primrose, Borage and Blackcurrant, this means that Cellnutrition’s Omegabiocell369 product range is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.    

This solution is created using a unique patterned bio-ester technology, which works by allowing the cell to regain complete control again. This takes place when the essential fatty acids are changed from triglyceride structure to ethyl esters which are considerably smaller in size. This process enables high bioavailability and bio-retention of the essential fatty acids which contribute to longer exertion benefits.  

The transfer of essential fatty acids to ethyl esters requires a four-step purification cleaning  process which provides a 100% plant preparation of ultra-pure bio-esters of Omega 3, 6 and 9. This process creates a free from any contamination from substances such as heavy metals, pesticide residues which will allow the substance to be pure making it more effective for your body to absorb.   

Cellnutrition’s products are harvested in sustainable and unique ways which use the environment and natures resources present to help stimulate optimal health and wellbeing for individuals in an 100% natural and pure way.