The Benefits of Nutrition and Exercise

When it comes to optimising health and wellbeing, there are four major components;

  1. What you feed your body with
  2. How you move your body
  3. How much you relax and sleep and
  4. Your relationships- with friends, family and yourself

Why should I exercise?

Many people who exercise frequently continue to, not because of the aesthetic goal, but because of how it makes them feel, both physically and mentally.

The feeling that exercise brings can be described in many ways, including the common phrase of a ‘runner’s high’ after a run outside. The temporary positive feeling after exercise can however have many long term health benefits.

Robust evidence shows the link between exercise and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. There are many possible mechanisms for this; including the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise, the reduction in the stress hormone cortisol and the stimulation of certain receptors in the brain as a result of exercise.

The stimulation of certain brain receptors, such as opioid and endo cannabinoid can release a sense of happiness after exercise, providing immediate pleasure.

The anti-inflammatory effect of exercise is beneficial due to inflammation in the body that is often associated with anxiety and depression.

The reduction of the stress hormone cortisol naturally supports the management of stress and anxiety.

why should i exercise

What exercise is best for me?

Finding an exercise you enjoy is the best way to find out what is ‘best’ for you. For one person it might be running outside whilst for another it might be going to a yoga class. There is no right or wrong and you don’t have to commit to that one exercise. You can enjoy a combination of different types of exercise if you wish, just ensure you make time to fit it in.

Finding an exercise you enjoy tends to give the best results as you are more likely to keep it up. When choosing an exercise it is beneficial to consider the environment that you are exercising in, so that you feel comfortable. This might be running outside with a friend or family member, or getting a teacher or trainer to coach you at the gym or attending a class for guidance. Having guidance provides support and motivation to help you stay on track. This also enables you to ask questions that pop up for you so you can be as good as you want to be and learn at the same time.

Most of the daily physical activity recommended for mental health is aerobic. However activities that strengthen muscle and bone should also be incorporated. This improves mental health, cardiovascular and physical health.

exercise is best for me

How much exercise should I do?

The HUNT cohort study was carried out to address whether exercise provides protection against future onset of depression and anxiety and the intensity and amount of exercise required to gain protection. The results of the study showed that 12% of future cases of depression could have been prevented if all participants had engaged in at least 1 hour of physical activity each week.

Other robust studies have shown that even small amounts of physical activity can build up your resilience and help protect against the onset of future depression.

Previous evidence has also shown that 12-14 weeks of yoga/ aerobic exercise can reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and those who are more active are less likely to develop PTSD in the future.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported physical activity greater than 60 minutes can provide additional health benefits.

The most potent effect of physical activity to improve physical and mental health is recommended to be 150 minutes per week. This can be split into short bouts of exercise such as 30 minutes, 5 times a week and includes brisk walks, stretching or your preferred choice of movement.

how much exercise should I do

Why is nutrition important?

Whilst we often here that food is related to mood, what does this actually mean? How does what we consume affect how we think and feel?  

It is no coincidence that processed foods and energy drinks are often not recommended for our health and wellbeing. That is because these foods are often associated with inflammation. Inflammation often precedes symptoms of depression and anxiety, so if we consume foods and drinks that increase inflammation, this can negatively affect our health and be a contributing risk factor.

A typical Mediterranean diet has shown to be most protective against mental health. The Mediterranean diet doesn’t only include a wide variety of foods that help reduce chronic disease but also includes the social aspect of eating food together. It tends to include all food groups with high consumption of fruit, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, fish and whole-grains. These foods tend to be associated with reduced risk of chronic inflammation and diseases including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

why is nutrition important

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential fatty acids (EFA), which cannot be synthesised

in the body and must be consumed through food and supplements. They have a wide range of functions in the body including the maintenance of healthy cell membranes and exerting beneficial inflammatory effects in the body. Omega-3 is important for cardiovascular health, vision and for optimum brain health. Omega-6 is pro-inflammatory, however studies suggest that both are needed to exert benefits in the body. It is therefore important that our body has the correct balance of pro and anti-inflammatory effects, so the correct balance of EFA is required.

In today’s Western diet Omega-6 consumption has become progressively higher than Omega-3 due to a shift in diet and a reduction in Omega-3 in whole foods. The ‘golden’ ratio of Omega-6:Omega-3 (4:1) is therefore difficult to obtain from diet alone.

Omegabiocell369 is a 100% plant based omega oil created using a unique patented bio ester technology. It contains a mixture of flaxseed, borage, evening primrose and blackcurrant oil. This unique composition gives Omegabiocell369 the highest concentration of Omega 3,6 and 9 to deliver the optimal ratio of Omega-3:Omega-6 (3:1).

omega biocell

This patented bio ester technology provides the essential fatty acids (EFA) as ethyl esters as opposed to triglycerides. The ethyl esters have a slower peak of absorption in comparison to triglycerides. This enables the EFA to exert their beneficial effects for longer as they remain in the cells for longer. The patented bio ester technology enables the conversion of ALA into EPA and DHA to be much easier in comparison to triglycerides of Omega-3. The amount of EPA and DHA that enters the cells is controlled as opposed to flooding them with excess amounts as with other products. The four step purification process used to create the ethyl esters, removes all pollutants and contaminants in plant oils, leaving 100% ultra pure bio-esters.

A combined effect of an anti-inflammatory diet and anti-inflammatory effects from exercise can therefore provide long term health benefits.

The Food and Mood Centre at Deakin University reported that since 2009 better quality diets are consistently associated with reduced depression risk, while diets higher in processed foods are associated with increased depression and anxiety. They also demonstrated that diet intervention can reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Taking on a whole food approach can provide a range of health benefits to the body and mind, however due to modern intensive agricultural methods our soil and our food are mineral poor. This can have a massive impact on our health and well-being, with several mineral deficiencies being implicated in many illnesses including stress.

Some minerals with studies showing their beneficial properties are listed below;

Magnesium: research has linked magnesium deficiency with depression and treating some patients with magnesium has been shown to result in rapid recovery from major depression.

Chromium: several studies indicate the importance of chromium in achieving good mental health.

Lithium: known to have antimanic and antidepressant properties.

Selenium: low selenium intake has been shown to be associated with lowered mood status, while intervention studies have shown selenium improves mood and diminishes anxiety.

Zinc: zinc levels have been shown to be lower in those with clinical depression.

Iron: research points to the possible importance of iron in the cause of depression as more women than men have been shown to be clinically depressed. Iron deficiency is also associated with apathy and rapid fatigue.

Although each of these minerals play a role in keeping our mind and body healthy they all work together in the body and rely on at least 20 other minerals and trace elements for their absorption and metabolism in the body. Cellnutrition Hypertonic and Isotonic provide a 100% natural solution of 78 minerals and trace elements as intended by nature. It is harvested 30M below plankton blooms in the ocean providing the most potent source of minerals and trace elements.

-Cellnutrition Isotonic contains a mix of marine plasma and spring water. It is a gentle, therapeutic solution that works in harmony with the body. It provides the full spectrum of 78 minerals and trace elements and in the correct proportions as nature intended. Isotonic works in the body at a cellular level to nourish the body from within.

cellnutrition isotonic

Suitable for all ages, including those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication.

Take 1-2 ampoules daily, 20 minutes before food or one hour before bed.

-Cellnutrition Hypertonic contains a concentration of minerals and trace elements 3 times higher than isotonic as it is 100% marine plasma. The high concentration of minerals and trace elements enhances cellular metabolism, naturally generating energy in the body. It provides the full spectrum of 78 minerals and trace elements and in the correct proportions as intended by nature.

Suitable for those who have busy, active lifestyles or suffer from fatigue.

Take 1-2 ampoules daily, in the morning and/ or midday at least 20 minutes before food.  

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