It starts with your cells

It starts with your cells

Everything in our body starts with a single cell.

One Cell… of the 100 trillion cells which make up each element of our body.

Our Cells make Our Tissue

Our Tissue make Our Organs

Our Organs make Our Systems

Our Systems make Our Entire Body

These tiny individual life-forming structures, are what makes us who we are and most importantly, how we are.

By that we mean, in health, constantly communicating with each other and responding to their environment - our cells dictate how we feel, therefore it’s important that we look after them as the fundamental building blocks of life.

If you concentrate in your mind’s eye, on a single cell - as the foundation to your health.

Then if you can imagine building up the strength of this single cell it will have a major positive impact on your groups of cells that make up your tissues, organs and the rest of your body.

You essentially are building on your health from within, through that single cell.

The importance of having healthy, nourished cells ensures they can work efficiently. If they can’t, the functioning of tissues and organs will become compromised which can lead to ill health and disease. Nourishing your cells enables them to look after your body.

Cells have many functions in the body including prevention from DNA damage and energy production. We naturally accumulate DNA damage with age, poor diet and environmental exposure to toxins. DNA damage can impact on energy production and lead to early cell death, causing inflammation and chronic disease.

Tens of millions of new cells are made daily in the body to replace old and damaged cells.

Nutrients are required as raw materials for new cells to function optimally and support health.

Consuming an abundance of nutrients through whole foods and supplements, alongside movement and relaxation techniques can promote healthy cells.

One of the most important requirements for our cells is minerals.

It is vital we supplement our cells with minerals, which are no longer readily available by food consumption alone.

Our cells require the full spectrum of 78 minerals and trace elements, because all minerals work in synergy in the body.

It’s always been and continues to be:
100% Natural
100% Pure
100% Safe


The success of Cellnutrition Quinton has led to the acquisition and development of further products within our portfolio, all with the same ethos of 100% natural support for your body.


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