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Mental health is important for everybody. In the same way we build physical fitness, we need to understand how our brain functions and the effects everyday life has on our overall wellbeing.

Depression and anxiety account for 49% of all working days lost to ill health. Only 13% of the UK adult population report living with high levels of good mental health, meaning that 87% are affected in some way by poor mental health.

Investing in a strong/self led approach to mental wellbeing can result in:

    • Sense of purpose and belonging
    • Improved productivity and engagement
    • Mitigate feelings of pressure
    • Build self esteem and encourage collaboration
    • Increase feeling of security and progression

      Developing a mental wellbeing strategy doesn’t need to be difficult, or something you do on your own. A few steps is all it takes to look after yourself – this is Cellnutrition X 87%.

      Our partnership with mental fitness measurement platform 87% is designed to help individuals address the physical, physiological and psychological elements of ultimate wellness.

      This collaboration supports us in our mission to create wider awareness around mental health in general, providing resources and support on the topic of effective cellular nutrition within the body and the positive effects for the mind.

      Customer's can either subscribe to the platform alone, on either an upfront (6 months for the price of 5) or monthly payment basis or receive access for FREE* with one of our monthly nutrition subscription bundle packages.

      *Standard cost £20 per month.

      Contact us using the form below, to find out more about mental fitness measurement.

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      Our Mission

      We are passionate about changing the world's health through nature’s innovation and
      believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible for everybody.

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